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    Another Gold Medal!

    We won a second gold medal in as many years, this time for our 2013 Pinot Gris. During the 45th annual Greatest of the Grape at Seven Feather’s Casino we received a gold medal from the…

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  • lineup of wine bottles outdoors

    The Wine

    We think our wines fit in nicely with this region’s air, water and sky. Fresh. Pristine. Close to the earth. A  glad-to-be-outdoors flavor. In the sunlight or under the stars. We invite you to taste the beauty and…

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  • people fishing in a river

    The Region

    This is where Anindor thrives ~ along the Umpqua River and its National Forest, in pristine air and Cascade Mountain sunshine. In the Elkton AVA.

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  • vineyard and forest

    The Land

    When we came to this area in 2004, we made a promise to be faithful to the land & its vineyard. From ultimate care in tending the vines and receiving its bounty at harvest & crush,…

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  • cutting grapes from vine

    The Process

    Our  L.I.V.E. certification, which we earned in 2007, is something of which we’re justifiably proud. It means we are caring not just for the vineyard, but for watershed impacts in the region, and addressing energy efficiencies…

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  • grapes on grapevine

    The Bounty

    Long days of sunshine and cool mist from coastal breezes produce a fruit that carries those elements into the wine.

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  • grapes in a bin in the vineyard

    The Harvest

    Our harvest in Elkton is a family affair. With just ten vineyards, the neighbors help one another, lend equipment, share the transport. That’s probably the best thing about all the hard work of harvest – working…

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  • yurt in a vineyard

    The Seasons

    After the grapes are harvested, the vines’ leaves turn yellow overnight and begin to droop. That’s when we feel most at one with the land – when we’ve given all we can and then we rest.

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