Armed with a desire to leave the corporate world and a love for viticulture, Rod and Nina explored different wine regions for six years before they journeyed to Elkton, Oregon and discovered a secret place.

Just 35 miles inland from Oregon’s coastline, the beautiful sloping terraces of established vines, planted in a cool marine-influenced climate in rich, clay loam soils are the perfect terroir for the varietals they began to nurture: Pinot Noir, Baco Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Gewürztraminer.


Nina says, “The Anindor property lends that feeling you have when you get out of your car and you just know you have found the right place.”


~ ~ ~

As marriages can be seamless or opposing; Nina says in their case “opposites attracted”.   She likes to spice things up; be new, original and innovative, and Rod is more conventional.  With the two going hand in hand, Rod and Nina christened the vineyard ‘Anindor’.  This name was suggested by their middle son Weston and comprises the names ‘Nina’ and ‘Rod’ combined.

Anindor has evolved into a novel place – a place where conventional farming practices have ensured L.I.V.E. Certified Sustainable status since 2007.  Rod has developed practices in the vineyard that nourish and protect the land.

Rod says, “This stewardship of the land is the right thing to do and we want to ensure quality wines are produced that reflect the elegance of Oregon and this unique region.”

interior of a yurt structure


Erecting an Oregon-made yurt on the land to house the tasting room appealed to Nina because it’s a bit different, but also because as an eco-friendly structure it fits in nicely with the agrarian beauty of the vineyard.


A family venture, all three sons have helped with the business.  The youngest son, Austin, spent summers between college terms working the vineyard, helping with the construction of the yurt and attending festivals to promote the wines.  Weston – besides creating the winery name – also spent summers working the vineyard and remodeling the farmhouse.

chris mixing wine


Christopher has been a part of this journey since the first harvest in 2005 and since 2010, has joined the enterprise full time.  Chris, alongside Rod and Nina, has been mentored by local grower/vintners in the community and also studied winemaking at Southern Oregon Wine institute (SOWI).  Chris had a love story of his own, when he married the daughter/cellarmaster of a neighboring vintner and started a family in Elkton.


Anindor is nestled a couple of miles south of the charming community of Elkton where you will find a different sense of time, excellent dining and additional tasting rooms.


So begin your Journey, come Explore Elkton and Discover the beauty and the flavor of this place.

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