The first vineyard in Elkton to be LIVE Certified

Because we believe in following farming practices that protect the land and ensure quality wines that reflect the elegance of Oregon, as soon as we purchased the vineyard in 2005, Rod set a goal to become LIVE certified. This was achieved in 2007, making it the first vineyard in Elkton to be LIVE certified.

Low Input Viticulture & Enology, Inc. (LIVE, Inc.) is a grower-based non-profit that recognizes and honors vineyards and wineries for sustainable agricultural practices. The LIVE certification process is modeled after international standards that are highly regarded by winemakers and consumers around the world. LIVE practices include: targeted spray applications, rotation of chemicals, canopy management, alternative mowing, erosion control, petiole samples, soil samples, and accurate record keeping.

Anindor has received the L.I.V.E. (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) certification: Certified Sustainable. This program aims to improve grape quality, diversify the agro ecosystem, and reduce the use of fuels and chemical inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers.  Their website is: liveinc.org.

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